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Ikiaq is managed by Ph.D. Andreas Otte. For the last decade he's been doing projects, research, presentations and performances in Greenland and the North with his large network of experts and practitioners.

Here are examples of outcomes from this work!


Otte, A. (2018). Attending Concerts: Local Musicking among Greenlandic Youth. In S. Reily og K. Brucher (Red.) The Routledge Companion to the Study of Local Musicking (pp. 43-54). London: Routledge.

Otte, A. (2016, July 5). Hans Mortensen, For Akia, and the feeling of Greenland. Music.gl

Otte, A. (2015). Nuuk underground – Musical change and cosmopolitan nationalism in Greenland. Popular Music 34(1), 113-133.

Otte, A. (2015, December 7). Gangsta’ in Greenland. Music.gl

Otte, A. (2014). Popular music from Greenland – Globalization, nationalism and performance of place. Ph.D.-thesis, University of Copenhagen.

Otte, A. (2013). Flyfrisk og Flyskræk – Den store grønlandsturné. København: GAGA-Productions.

Workshops and presentations

Workshop at Middelfart Gymnasium and HF: Skal Danmark sige undskyld?... og Grønlandsk musikhistorie. November 7, 2018

Workshop at Osted Privatskole - Kindergarten: Is, isbjørne og klimaforandringer. Oktober 26, 2018

Presentation at University of Greenland, Nuuk: A. Otte. (2018, March 20) Koncerter, efterfester og musikskoler - Fællesskab og ekspertise i det grønlandske musikliv (in Danish)

Presentation at Reykjavik University: A. Otte. (2017, September 8). Perfoming an Inuit nation - Music, power and place in Greenland. 

Presentation at ICTM World Conference in Limerick: A. Otte. (2017, July 13) Teaching Greenlandic Polka in Public Schools - Fascilitating Learning of Intangible Cultural Heritage 

Panel participation at Northern Lights Festival in Tokyo. 2017, February 10.

Panel participation on UNESCO's cultural conventions. The Royal Library in Copenhagen. 2017, February 2.

Music videos

Role: Co-instructor

Role: Co-instructor


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Danish tour

Role: Organizer and manager -

Danish tour